ES File Explorer

Customize your settings.
Get Your Files in Order

ES File Explorer gives you total control of your phone’s file management. This handy utility lets you cut and copy, rename, search through, delete, and explore the properties of your phone’s files and folders. ES File Explorer also gives you direct access to your Application Manager, but with a cleaner interface.

Available on Nabi App Zone, Amazon and Android Market

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4 Comments to “ES File Explorer”

  1. Hi. I’m searching on the Nabi App Zone for this app but can’t find it or a lot that you suggest. Any idea what I could be doing wrong?

    • Unless the app is categorized as nabi2, it refers to the original nabi which had different apps available. If you have Amazon AppStore installed you should be able to get it from there.

  2. I tried to install this app and it installed it on my phone instead. I realized that I am already at google play on the nabi 2 but I am logged in and I can’t figure out how to get gooogle play to recognize the tablet. I tried to download the ES file Explorer becuase I put the android app market file for ice cream sandwhich on the mini sd card. When I tried to download the ES file explorer, it downloaded to my phone. Iw as using the nabi app add. Weird. I guess I need to log out and try to download it to the tablet. All I am really trying to do is put the Kindle app on the tablet. It has everything else my children need.

    • It may be easier to get the Kindle app from the Amazon app store which you can put on your nabi without any sideloading by just clicking on the fanatech banner in mommy/daddy mode. You can also get ES File Explorer from Amazon as well.

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